New Vending Machines

At The Discount Vending Store, we not only sell quality Pre-owned vending machines, but we also sell a variety of new vending machines for Seaga Manufacturing Inc, Fortune Resources, and T-Pico International. Each of these new vending machines comes with a full one year warranty which covers all the parts. A lifetime of technical support is also included on all our new vending machines. We are committed to serve you and we ensure that every machine we sell gets the attention and service it needs to make you the most money possible. As always, all our prices also include FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the continental United States. If you need the machines delivered inside and unwrapped from the packaging, we can typically provide this for a small additional fee. Please call us for further details. Listed below are the 5 different types of new machines we currently sell. If there’s something we don’t have that you would like to see, please let us know and we will do our best to provide it in the future. If you prefer a cheaper vending machine, don’t forget to check out our quality Pre-owned vending machines.